15 things you may not know…

  1. I LOVE basketball. My daughter Morgan is a fabulous player which really got me hooked on learning all about the sport. From NBA to college, it doesn’t matter who is playing, I love to watch. Of course, I am a huge CAV’s fan, too.
  2. I LOVE Pit Bulls! We have a pit bull named Diesel. After owning a yellow lab for 14 years, I was a bit hesitant when my son brought him home. Now, I would never have another breed.
  3. I do not like cats. Sorry to all of you “cat lovers” out there. I’m highly allergic, break out in hives, and can’t breathe well if I’m anywhere near a cat. YIKES!
  4. I LOVE to cook, but I’m only average. Good thing my husband will eat anything.
  5. Yes, I have a husband and we will celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in June. Shockingly, Scott and I only dated about a month before getting engaged. We both just knew we were meant for each other.
  6. I am a Christian and love to read the Bible. My favorite verse is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” This verse my husband and I have quoted to our children since they were very young.
  7. I am a VERY competitive person especially when playing games or sports. You would WANT to be on my team, because I am sure to win! 😀
  8. My favorite vacation spot is the Turks and Caicos Islands. I love the island of Provo and have a huge “shout out” to Wayne Hall, owner of Ocean Vibes. Anyone looking to dive in the Turks, MUST look up Ocean Vibes.
  9. I’m not good at backing my car out of our garage. In fact, I’m not good at backing up period. I have hit the sides of our garage door so many times; my husband just rolls his eyes at me. Oh, well. I can’t be good at everything.
  10. My favorite food is pasta. I’m really mad that it has so many carbs in it.
  11. I have three children. I LOVE being a mom to Austin, Morgan and Bailey!
  12. I have worn Maybelline mascara since high school and think it’s still the best.
  13. I LOVE my job. Writing inspirational products for children is such a passion. I feel very blessed to come to work every day.
  14. I do NOT like to shop. Most people can’t believe this, but I only go shopping for things I need. It’s just not fun for me.
  15. My twin sister Karen and I are super close. We talk every day, work together, spend as much time as possible together, and never run out of things to talk about. (But, I guess most people already know this about me! 🙂 )