Monthly Archives: December 2012

Bailey at her first Gymnastics Meet

We had fun watching Bailey's floor routine at the Fly Right Competition. She is in Excel Gold and gets to make up her own routine. She smiled at the judges, and we thought that was so cute.
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Holiday Cookie Memories

I have been thinking about baking cookies and found these old pictures of my kids when they were younger.  I so remember the question, "Mom, can I lick the spoon?"  I think this happens in every kitchen.  Lots of messes, love and memories. [gallery ids="62,89,760"]
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Baking Christmas cookies brings back cherished memories

Along with Christmas time comes many family traditions. For me, baking Christmas cookies brings back precious family memories- and makes new ones each year! As I prepare for the annual day of baking with my daughters, Bailey and Morgan, I remember when my sister Karen and I were their age baking in Grandma Stella’s kitchen…
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